Virtual Gastric Band

The Virtual Gastric Band

Virtual Gastric Band

Sharp Minds Hypnotherapy offers the only Virtual Gastric Band programme that has been subjected to clinical trials.

Obesity in the UK is reaching a worrying level. It is a big problem, in every sense. Real gastric band operations are increasing at an alarming rate. The British Medical Journal reported gastric band operations rose from 238 a year to more than 2,543 in 2007 with almost a quarter of a million people on the waiting list. And the numbers are rising.

Whilst the NHS offers the procedure to those who fit its strict criteria (including a BMI of 40 or more), the waiting list is long and though gastric bands can be highly effective at reducing weight, around 80% of patients will experience unpleasant side effects such as nausea and regurgitation of food.

Virtual gastric bands, however, offer the same benefits but without the drawbacks, which aside from the unpleasant side effects include cost (c£4,000 – £7,000) and very real risks, such as a restricted airway, associated with performing a surgical procedure on patients who are severely or morbidly overweight.

What does treatment involve?

VGBimageVirtual gastric band therapy involves four sessions during which a combination of different techniques such as positive suggestion, visualisation, CBT and NLP will be used. Sharp Minds Hypnotherapy adopts a client-centred approach, so the exact techniques used will vary from client to client. Within the therapy, however, time will always be spent identifying and resolving any emotional and psychological issues which may have caused the individual to begin over eating in the first place. As these issues are often unknown to us on a conscious level, hypnotherapy can really add value in achieving long-term success in weight loss.

Your long-term success is my aim. Whilst hypnotherapy is not magic and cannot make you do anything you don’t want to, if you are genuinely motivated to lose weight, then I will do my best to help you achieve your weight and shape goal. As such, it is recommended that additional follow up sessions take place as required over the following weeks or months (depending on how much weight you wish to lose) to help you maintain your weight loss on a long-term basis.

All Virtual Gastric Band therapy involves the Client listening on a daily basis to recordings to reinforce the therapy sessions.

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