Programmes that we provide

  • Fears & Phobias Programmes

    Do you have an overwhelming and debilitating fear of something? An object or place or situation, perhaps? Do you avoid taking foreign holidays because you hate flying? Do you experience palpitations when you see a balloon, clown or dog? Do you find you can't eat or speak in front of others? Would you describe yourself as 'terrified' of the dentist? If so, then you are not alone; it is estimated there are around 10 million such suffers in the UK alone.

  • Depression & Anxiety Programmes

    Anxiety and depression are often linked but they are not the same thing. Most people experience some form of anxiety when facing particularly stressful situations but anxiety disorders are severe and can disrupt the day-to-day life of an individual. Depression is a common psychological disorder and is more than just feeling unhappy, bored or fed up. There isn't a single cause of depression, but hypnotherapy is gaining wider recognition as a depression treatment as it seeks to uncover the root cause of the negative feelings and emotion, thus removing the symptoms of depression.

  • Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

    The terms 'self-esteem' and 'self-confidence' are often used interchangeably when we describe how we feel about ourselves. However, although self-confidence is related to self-esteem, they are two different concepts. Unlike self-esteem, which describes how we feel about ourselves as a whole, self-confidence is the level of trust we have in our abilities, our sense of judgement and personal qualities.

  • Overcoming Addiction

    “An obsessive, uncontrollable and often harmful attachment to an activity, behaviour or substance.” Sound familiar to you? We can become addicted to all sorts of things, but the usual suspects are nicotine, drugs, alcohol, gambling, the Internet & social media, and food. It’s estimated some two million people in the UK suffer some kind of addiction.  Understanding how […]

  • Weight Reduction Programmes

    Weight issues are often multi-faceted and can be complicated to resolve. An approach that works for one client may not be appropriate for another. For this reason, a number of different programmes are offered for weight management. The Weight Loss programme is divided into Mini, Midi and Maxi depending on the particular needs of the client and […]

  • Smoking Cessation Programme

    Investing in the Sharp Minds Stop Smoking programme can save you money as well as your health. In just 39 smoke-free days, someone who smokes twenty-a-day will have recovered the value of their financial investment. How can that not make sense?

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