Weight Reduction Programmes

Weight issues are often multi-faceted and can be complicated to resolve. An approach that works for one client may not be appropriate for another. For this reason, a number of different programmes are offered for weight management. The Weight Loss programme is divided into Mini, Midi and Maxi depending on the particular needs of the client and the amount of weight the client wishes to lose.

In addition, Sharp Minds also offers The Virtual Gastric Band programme, which is geared more towards portion control and is therefore more suitable for clients who are in the habit of eating larger quantities.

As part of the Weight Loss Programme, and in addition to the one-to-one therapy sessions, personal on-going coaching and support is offered between sessions to help clients stay on track and achieve their goals. The Mini, Midi and Maxi programmes also come with personalised audio recordings.

Sharp Minds offers a free pre-appointment consultation to discuss the nature of the problem and the desired results, so that the most appropriate programme can be determined in advance of the treatment commencing.

Sessions are around one and a half hours.



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