Hypnotherapy Client Feedback

Client Feedback 

A selection of comments from our hypnotherapy client feedback questionnaires:

Stress was making her hair fall out 🙁

[11/03/2019] “Thank you so much for all your hard work getting be back on the straight and narrow! […] I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done. I will if it’s ok leave a review on your website because more than anything I want people to know how amazing the treatment really is and how much it has helped me personally. […] I am glad you were a part of my life however small it was a privilege to have met you. Take Care. Vanessa XX”

Weight loss woohoo! ?

[19/10/2018] “Hi Julie, Hope you’re well. I thought I’d let you know that I can fit into jeans one size smaller! ? ? ? ? ”

Anxiety kept daughter out of school

[19/10/2018] “Dear Julie, We hope that this email finds you and the family well. [My daughter] wanted me to send you an update on how things have been since returning to school in September.

[She] has been listening to her last recording from you Monday to Friday every morning when she wakes up and has achieved  95% attendance as we have had a couple of days with some wobbles and has also all of her lessons apart from PE,  which is a massive achievement for her compared to last school year. She is so proud of herself as are we.
We have encouraged [her] to keep a diary in which she has chosen to spilt the diary in half so that she can put down what if any have been negatives for the day or what have been positives.  She is able to see very clearly each day that the positives are increasing and the negatives are very very low.
[My husband] and I feel she is now in such a better place and is happy and socialising more at home by spending time downstairs with us rather than sat in her room. Her school report has just come home and she is reaching the expected level of learning in all subjects except French where she is exceeding.
We are all so thankful for the help and support you have given us as not sure where we would have been had we not been to see you.
Thank you once again.
All our Love”

Binge drinking stopped

[01/10/2018] “Having struggled to control my drinking for many years and pretty much exhausted all other avenues I decided to try hypnotherapy, something I had considered in the past but not progressed due to a lack of understanding regarding how this would work.
From the moment I met Julie I knew I had made the right decision, Julie has a professional, calming approach and at great ability to explain the process to be undertaken. We agreed my objectives and commenced a course of therapy. The results from the very start were amazing culminating in me taking control of my drinking and drastically reducing my intake primarily by completely stopping my white wine binge drinking. I cannot recommend Julie enough, I feel I have my life back, more energy, far more control and simply a better quality of life.”
Thank you Julie, I am determined to maintain the progress.

Moving on from a relationship

[01/10/2018] “Hi Julie, Yesss, I want to say such a huge thank you to you! Our last session of the ‘doormat’ and injured animal and telling my younger self it would be ok helped more than you’ll ever realise! Thank you always and have a fantastic Monday x x”

Julie helped my anxiety [go!]

[18/08/2017] “When I first thought about going to hypnotherapy, I initially had a lot of prejudice against this form of therapy, as it hasn’t had a lot of coverage by mainstream media. I was therefore nervous and apprehensive about going along.

However, Julie immediately made me feel at ease, and I very quickly noticed a very positive difference in my behaviour. Whereas before, my brain had tended towards negative thoughts, resulting in a downward spiral, Julie’s techniques, which included deep relaxation as well as recordings, helped to prevent this from happening. When I began to get negative thoughts, or feelings of anxiety, I could very easily talk myself out of this damaging thought pattern.

This has made everyday life much easier, and I feel that I have become more grounded and happy since receiving treatment. I have also listened to recordings more recently after having had a bad bought of anxiety, and these really helped to bring my anxiety levels down to a manageable level.”

Procrastination (Sessions delivered via Skype)

[24/11/2017] “My biggest breakthrough from working with Julie is clarity about what I want to do next in my career and my personal life.” Listen to what this client had to say about the way in which I work. He had just two sessions delivered via Skype.  Click here.

Stop thumb sucking in one session

[18/03/2016] “I don’t suck my thumb anymore!” That’s what a young client of mine said on marching into my treatment room after a single, one hour session seven days earlier.  Click here to see what else he said.

Reaching for the fruit rather than the biscuits!

[21/02/2016] Just an update to say on Friday morning I woke at 5.30am so thought I would listen to my recording – wow I felt so good afterwards and still do! Very energised 🙂 I’ve been eating well too; lots of salads, smoothies, fruit. [23/02/2016] I am feeling so good, much more energised. I walked with my friend today and when we had finished she said how tired she was and asked if I felt tired? I didn’t, I felt good! I saw my dad and sister last week, both at the same time (I always listen to my recording before I see them) and it was ok! I’m walking 30+ minutes every day. I try and walk around 4.00pm-4.30pm to get into a routine and if for some reason I can’t walk I really do miss it! Eating is still going ok. I find I reach for the fruit rather than biscuits etc for a snack. So all going really well!

I found it almost impossible to crawl out the darkness

[16/01/2016] I am certain that had it not been for the sessions with you and your very useful and helpful recordings I’d still be having a rough time just getting through days. As with everyone I suppose, in the course of life there are ups and downs, most of which one can cope with but somehow, whether because of the nature and deep sadness of the breakup of a mother-daughter relationship or simply because many heavy-weight problems landed all at once, I found it almost impossible to crawl out of the darkness despite the very understanding and loving help of my husband. In the past I was very sceptical about any form of treatment or healing which I could not explain or find logical explanation for, so if you couldn’t touch it, smell it, feel it ….it didn’t exist …..I turned to you in desperation and was myself greatly surprised that even after the first session there was light coming through my windows. After that, things only got better. Of course the original situation which caused my problem remains unchanged but my approach has changed dramatically and apart from the very occasional return to thoughts about a lost closeness and friendship with my daughter I’m really enjoying life and for that I’m grateful to you. By the way, your recordings are a saviour!!!


Just wanted to thank you whole heartedly for everything you’ve done. The tools you have given me to manage my anxiety are priceless and I am so very grateful.

Motorway driving

First time in three years I’ve driven on the Motorway (in the rain no less) and I ENJOYED it! Now that’s a result worth cheering about; I feel excited, enriched and confident – thank you!

Calmer, happier, in control

Julie has allowed me to discover how to reprogram the way I feel and act in everyday life. Many friends and colleagues have commented on how much calmer, happier and in control I am recently (even without knowing that Julie and I have been working together to help me become a more positive person.

More than just weight loss

[25/06/2015] I’m still listening to the recordings and I look forward to them; they are my ‘me time’, and if ever I feel myself stressing up, I listen to one of them and I’m fine.  In terms of the weight loss, following a very posh awards dinner in London, I went to my sister’s 70’s birthday weekend and, over a total of 4 days, ate and drank all I wanted to and last week on my return I had lost 1lb! Feeling this week that it was going to catch up with me, and remembering I’ve also been out to eat on 3-4 occasions (but at the same time feeling pretty good), my weigh-in today has revealed a further 3lb weight loss! I feel great! My weight had particularly increased in the last 6 months, but I am now back to where I was in February 2015. Not only that, I’m not dieting nor am I really paying too much attention to what I am eating.  I PREFER non-stodgy, non-fatty foods, and I have been eating delicious and healthy meals. Also, I’ve noticed that I’ve started to leave food on my plate when I get full up – a new experience for me – the feeling full up is new, let alone being able to leave food! I have found myself cooking the same amount I would previously have eaten, but dividing it into two portions, because it’s too big for one! I’m just more grounded with it I guess. There have been one or two emotional eating slips, but I’m aware of them and they are rare.  In any event there are fewer occurrences anyway because I’m happier generally, which brings me onto my next point…

ME! Julie, I can’t thank you enough. I have not felt like this since being in my twenties! I find myself sort of ‘satisfied’ with me. I’ve been very relaxed, very ‘level’ and very in control of my emotions. I’ve been able to take charge of a few tricky situations in a way I have not been able to before.  I feel warm in my own skin – that’s the best way I can describe it.  I’m busy as hell – but not stressed. I’m feeling all the same emotions I’ve always felt – but I’m more accepting of those emotions and deal with them better (or at least I think I do!).  I notice it socially, professionally, and with the family too.  Socially I’ve been very busy – it seems I am more attractive to just about anyone who wants to go out!!!  And I’ve even really enjoyed a few nights in all on my own – which I have not done either for a long time without feeling very sad.

Julie, whatever happens from hereonin, I am actually HAPPY!!! Now, previously I was happy with my lot, grateful for what I’ve got, love my kids, aware that I’m better off than many etc. etc. But, now, I am HAPPY!!!! It’s different. I realised too that all my life I have felt my happiness centred around other people’s approval of me.  For the first time in my life, that theory is being challenged (don’t worry, I still DO care what others think of me, but my life does not depend upon it).  I have had the sensation of feeling beautiful inside and out – and rather than experiencing that because a partner has caused it, it was me who caused it!!!!! Very confusing! Nice though!  I can’t say it loud or often enough – you’re an absolute Wonder, and I will be eternally grateful.

To say that I was scared of snakes would have been an understatement. The very thought of a snake, or even the word itself, ‘snake’, would fill me with a sense of fear and dread. I could not even sit down with my children when they were young to watch the Jungle Book because of a cartoon snake. As ridiculous as that may sound that was how deep rooted my fear of snakes was. And I had felt this way for as long as I can remember, but with no memory or idea as to what had caused this phobia.

I wanted to overcome this fear, which I believe was the first step as it gave me the confidence to contact Julie. I felt at ease and reassured straight away that my fear was in no way silly and I should not be embarrassed. In total I attended 2 sessions with Julie and I am still amazed at the process, the outcome and the result.

I won’t go into too much detail about what the sessions entailed themselves, as I am sure that each and every session is tailored to each individual, however, I was astounded what came out. Memories that I didn’t even know I had, things that I had not even thought about since they had happened some 50 years previously, events that had played such a huge impact upon my life and yet I did not even remember them!

It would appear that my fear of snakes came down to two different situations that occurred during my early childhood, neither of which was overly dramatic or serious. The sessions were a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. At times I felt very overcome with emotion, but at all times I felt reassured that my reactions were normal and most importantly I felt full confidence in Julie and her abilities.

By the end of the first session I was able to hold a realistic looking plastic snake. Now, this may not seem like a large accomplishment, but from someone that could not even stand to look at a cartoon snake, this was more than I ever believed I would be able to do. I continued to push myself and in the end managed to look at pictures of real snakes.

I took a trip to Australia and had the trip of a lifetime! Not only was I not held back by the thought of seeing a snake but, as the saying goes, I went straight into the belly of the beast – Australia Zoo! I watched the animal shows where real snakes were a mere few metres from me. I had not been close to a real snake, as far as I was aware, for approximately 55 years. I was nervous as to how I would cope, but I was fine! I was better than fine; I was elated and I felt such a sense of empowerment!

It is only a shame it took me so long to do anything about it, but I am so glad I did. To anyone out there that is considering hypnotherapy I would recommend it thoroughly, I was amazed at the results and I can honestly say that it has made such a positive impact on my life! Thank you!

As a wife of one of your clients, I am writing to say I have seen my husband struggle with many challenges in life, however, the biggest was definitely his heart attack last year. His physical well being was looked after by any number physicians and physiotherapists but the lasting impact was on his emotions and the effect was all too apparent to me. Whilst I am unable to comment on the therapy you gave him, as this remained confidential, the change in him after a few sessions was evident. Instead of situations leading to frustration and tense atmospheres he was able to accept the emotions, build a positive outlook and most importantly move on with his life. So much so, that he completed the London to Brighton bike ride less than a year after his heart attack. Thank you :0)

I asked for help with a chocolate addiction and when I say addiction I really mean addiction!! Everyday chocolate had to pass my lips!  If there was a shortage in the cupboards I would be sending my husband out!!  I realise now this chocolate addiction was out of control and ruling my life. Initially I was very sceptical about how hypnosis might work for me. However, keen and eager to see if I could get this addiction into a manageable state I attended my appointment and that is where my life changed for ever! Julie was brilliant at settling me into hypnosis and providing me with the tools to deal with my addiction. In one appointment I left being able to control the chocolate urge that had ruled me and I gave chocolate up for lent for the first time in my life!

Thank you for yesterday. Felt more positive driving home. Feel like things are gonna be great :0) [20 March 2014] …I’m still listening to the recording. I’ve got loads I want to do now. I really don’t ever want to go back to that horrible dark place I was in for all those years. I wanted to change but never could. Thank you! [28 March 2014]

I was thinking last night and this morning about what we were talking about yesterday and I wanted to give you some feedback before I forgot! I have really felt the benefit of the original session we had last year.  I no longer feel the anxiousness.  Even when work becomes all consuming although I have still felt stressed with the level of work and pressure to meet the deadlines I am not panicking at the gut level that I did previously. I sincerely think this is directly linked to the recordings and the 1:1 sessions as I always feel more confident after listening to them and feel better equipped to face those situations.  I also think it may have helped me to focus on one thing at a time more, although I still worry about what I am not getting to or what I may be missing I am able to put that to one side and carry on where previously it would almost bring me to a stand still.

I felt so relaxed (highlighted by my falling asleep!) coming away from my treatment. I did not feel so het up and I am starting to feel more relaxed about not eating chocolate and replacing it with other substitutes. This morning I was thinking about the 3 things to help and, as I said, No1. was the ‘Just say “no”!’ which sounds so much like me it is scary! But this morning I was thinking about finding alternative things to do so if I find myself going to the chocolate cupboard! I consciously think “go and do something else”. This helped last night with my conference call; I felt more proactive in getting things done to make that work. Today at work I am also talking out loud to myself (which I am sure is not news) and telling myself not to pick up that Jelly Baby as I walk past them to the printer!  These are all things I have done in the past but it is a bit like having a refresher and almost having permission for them to work again.

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