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Why I insist on a pre-consultation

Some people – admittedly mostly other therapists – ask me why I always insist on a pre-consultation meeting. Well I’m going to be honest with you; it isn’t because I have nothing better to do with my time. I insist on it because it provides an opportunity to assess whether you are right for me, […]

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I’m sorry for all the times my depression and anxiety made me a bit of a rubbish friend

Wanted to share this post with you… By Ellen Scott (for Since I’ve started being honest about my mental health, I’ve noticed that my relationships have changed – mostly for the better. There’s more trust there. We’re able to talk about bigger things. Now that I’ve opened up, the people around me have started to […]

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Depressed or just ‘blue’?

To know the difference between depression and a plain bad mood, you normally have to have experienced both. It is a cruel twist of fate that when we are depressed and most in need of the support, love and comfort of others, we find ourselves least able to accept it. Depression has been described as […]

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Resilience for daily living & earthquakes

A more personal blog this time…  Last Wednesday, at 3.30am I was violently shaken awake by an earthquake that has left central Italy in a state of complete shock and utter despair. In the space of just 20 seconds, an entire village was virtually razed to the ground, and many more similarly affected. Yesterday, some […]

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Ten ways to support someone with depression – Mental Health Awarness Week (15-22 May 2016)

Supporting someone who is experiencing mental unwellness can be one of the most challenging things a person can do. Doing it well, can be one of the most important.  Our brains are the most complex Control Centre we know of, built with billions of nerve cells (neurons) and providing hundreds of electrical pulses per second. Each neuron makes about ten thousand […]

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Why we Comfort Eat

The answer lies in our endorphins, or opioid peptides as they are also known, which play a strong role in food intake. And before you say ‘then let them be gone!’, you should know that endorphins help us deal with both physical and emotional pain and without them, quite frankly, we would be done for! […]

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Are you selfish enough?

So here we are again – at the dawn of another New Year! I feel inspired, hopeful, excited. I guess I’ve always had an innate optimism, even when things have been, well, less than peachy let’s say. Yet I can’t help but muse on whether I could have flown higher, discovered more exotic horizons, felt better […]

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Let it be the turkeys that go “gobble gobble”

Let it be the turkeys that go ‘gobble gobble’ With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would not be entirely out of place to write a short blog on festive eating. According to the British Dietetic Association (BDA), it is estimated that we typically consume an additional 500 calories per day over the Christmas […]

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How our body language changes our brain

This amazing talk, given by Amy Cuddy, Social Psychologist, explains how spending just two minutes in a particular pose can tangibly affect how we feel. For good or bad.  Throughout the animal kingdom, power and dominance is shown by taking up space, making yourself appear bigger, taller, stronger. Birds puff out their chest or spread their feathers. […]

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